Why I won’t buy a Cowboy bike (but maybe you should)

A few weeks ago I had a chance to try out a Cowboy bike. That’s one of those cool-looking electric bicycles doing the rounds on all the gadget sites. And here’s why I won’t be buying one, but you should perhaps consider doing so. I’ve been thinking about getting a new bike for some time, […]

How to cut your carbon footprint and curb climate change

Since I began writing more about climate change about two years ago, I’ve received several emails from people asking me what they personally can do about global warming. The simple answer, I tell them, is to cut their emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas. The hard bit is figuring out how to do […]

A final song for Coco Schumann

I’m sure every journalist has some stories they regret not getting round to. I know I’ve got a few. One involved a German-Jewish musician whose life story is so amazing it’s hard to understand why they haven’t made a Hollywood movie about him yet. Coco Schumann dodged the Gestapo as a teenager, playing ‘forbidden’ swing […]