Loyalty – AfD style

So hours after Frauke Petry, the figurehead of Alternative for Germany since 2015, announced she was going to quit the party, she thanked the party’s supporters for backing it in the general election and told them: stay faithful to us, the only real Alternative for Germany.

How viral sites work

Recently I was checking what news from Germany is going viral (it’s part of my job) and I noticed that one of the top ten stories involved an elderly man who had found his long-lost wedding ring wrapped around a carrot grown in his garden. The story appeared on a site called Buzz Flare. Buzz […]

The Chancellor speaks

Ten years ago Angela Merkel discovered podcasts. Not ‘In our Time’ or ‘This American Life.’ No, no, not the joy of listening to podcasts. She discovered podcasts as a means of communicating to the public. You might say, broadcasting. Now the German government isn’t meant to broadcast. There are independent private and publicly-funded radio and […]