Why I won’t buy a Cowboy bike (but maybe you should)

A few weeks ago I had a chance to try out a Cowboy bike. That’s one of those cool-looking electric bicycles doing the rounds on all the gadget sites. And here’s why I won’t be buying one, but you should perhaps consider doing so. I’ve been thinking about getting a new bike for some time, […]

The Chancellor speaks

Ten years ago Angela Merkel discovered podcasts. Not ‘In our Time’ or ‘This American Life.’ No, no, not the joy of listening to podcasts. She discovered podcasts as a means of communicating to the public. You might say, broadcasting. Now the German government isn’t meant to broadcast. There are independent private and publicly-funded radio and […]

Goodbye Ads

I’ve decided to remove Google Ads from my site. They were the only ads I ever really published, and over the course of a decade they hardly earned me €100. I don’t think it’s worth defacing my site with ads and helping Google track my readers with them for a measly €10 a year, which […]