How to turn carbon dioxide into fertilizer, fuel or plastic

A couple of weeks ago I wrote carbon capture, a process whereby CO2 is removed from the air and either stored safely underground or used to make other useful resources. One of the companies working on this is Thyssenkrupp. The steelmaker has a vested interest in reducing its carbon footprint and will be opening a […]

Does the history of human evolution have to be rewritten?

Over the last few days I’ve been getting regular emails alerting me to trending stories about an astounding archaeological discovery. According to reports, German scientists had found teeth that belonged to a human-like species dating back almost 10 million years – much older than any similar remains found elsewhere in the world. Today’s example of […]

The comet’s tale

It may have been a match made in heaven, but Rosetta’s 4 billion-mile trip to rendezvous with comet 67P almost stalled on the ground. That’s because the mission was originally conceived as a joint ESA-NASA undertaking. Then NASA dropped out, and took its radioisotope thermoelectric generators with it. So-called RTGs are the ideal batteries for unmanned probes and […]