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Why the iPad will fail

The iPad will have to change or it will fail in the long term. Here’s why:

_ the iPad is based on a closed principle: try sharing music, videos or even pictures between devices and you’ll notice how many obstacles Apple has built in precisely to make it harder than it should be. If another device resolves that (and one rival has already emerged), Apple will have to follow suit or lose the tablet war.

_ iTunes is a designed to give Apple a monopoly and effectively works as a bottleneck. Why should consumers have to buy all their software, music and videos for the iPad through iTunes? Why should publishers have to pay Apple an extortionate 30 percent of everything they sell? What’s going to happen when consumers see they can get the same media for 29 percent less if they buy it using another device from an ‘open’ store? How long do you think it’s going to take the EC to crack down on Apple the way it did on Microsoft when the iPad really takes off and competitor start filing monopoly complaints?

_ the iPad is by all accounts a great product that sets the bar high; other companies will struggle to have quite the same impact, but once word gets round that there’s a viable alternative I don’t think Apple will find its brand has quite the hold on ocnsumers on consumer consciousness it thinks it has. From being an upstart with nothing to lose when it launched the iPhone, Apple is now the market leader in next-gen tablet PCs with everything to lose. Consumers are fickle and will follow innovation.